Video of Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu admitting to killing innocents goes Viral online

July 22, 2014 10:12 pm


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A video telecast on Dutch Tv with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu admitting to killing innocent civilians including schoolchildren on purpose and trying to “maximize the number of civilian casualties”, has gone viral online.

While his country’s actions against innocents in Palestine is one of the biggest human rights violations of the new century, the video itself is a fake.

In the video,  Israeli Prime Minister admits before a visibly numb (and slightly displeased) Former US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton that “he does not share” US concerns for civilian casualties in Palestine and  on the contrary, the country is conducting ‘surgical operations’ targeting “schools, mosques, hospitals, universities, children”, before welcoming the Secretary to Jerusalem.

However, mistaken as an actual video by millions of concerned individuals Worldwide, the video has now become a viral hit online.

Altered by Dutch TV based on an original Press Conference held in Jerusalem, the video was meant to be a satire, although a truly distasteful one that mocks the conflict in Palestine that has claimed the lives of thousands of innocent Palestinians.

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