QRC launches humanitarian initiatives for Syrian refugees

January 11, 2015 1:20 pm
Saleh bin Ali Al Mohannadi and Ameer Al Mulla with Ghanem Mohamed Al-Moftah.

Saleh bin Ali Al Mohannadi and Ameer Al Mulla with Ghanem Mohamed Al-Moftah.

DOHA: Under its Warm Winter campaign and as part of its efforts to relieve the Syrian refugees hit by the blizzard, Qatar Red Crescent (QRC) has launched an humanitarian initiative in the name of the child Ghanem Mohamed Al Moftah to relieve Syrian refugees in Jordan.

The initiative targets to raise QR10m to provide basic needs that would help the Syrians survive the cold winter and snow.Once the target is met and the winter assistance is purchased, child Ghanem Mohamed Al Moftah will travel to Jordan to take part in the distribution, together with QRC staff working there.

“Under the umbrella of QRC, I would like to announce the launch of the Ghanem Mohamed Al Moftah initiative to relieve our dear Syrian brothers in Jordan’s refugee camps, who are hit by a serious blizzard.

“This is a religious, humanitarian, and ethical duty that we have always fulfilled. It is high time to prove again that Qataris are the people of generosity and magnanimity, and that our beloved Qatar is the resort for the needy and the vulnerable everywhere,” said Ghanem Mohamed Al Moftah.

Al Moftah expressed his highest regards to QRC Secretary-General, Saleh bin Ali Al Mohannadi, and all QRC leaders and staff for encouraging humanitarian initiatives and sponsoring any activity that can alleviate the suffering of distressed people.

“I call upon everyone who can lend a hand, whether individuals or institutions, to contribute their efforts and money to this noble humanitarian initiative, and even to promote it among the friends and acquaintances for maximized results. Any donation, whatever small it is, can be crucial for saving the life of a child who is going to freeze to death.

“As our Prophet said, the one who directs towards good is exactly like the one who is doing it. Also, whoever removes a worldly distress from a believer Allah will remove a hardship from him on the Day of Judgment,” said Al Mohannadi.

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