Prices of fish, vegetables stable

March 20, 2015 10:13 am

Vibrant Produce

DOHA: The prices of fresh vegetables, fruits and fish at the government-monitored central markets were stable last week (March 12 to 19).
Figures released by the Ministry of Economy and Commerce suggest that the only vegetable that became slightly dearer in the week was cucumber.

Cucumber is produced in large quantities locally, particularly in this season, and it was on average available in retail at the central market for QR3.5 a kilo in the above week.

The price of Jordanian tomatoes averaged QR3 a kilo while Jordanian capsicum cost QR6 a kilo, according to figures cited by the Ministry’s consumer rights’ watchdog.

Fruit prices were also stable during the week, averaging at QR3.17 per kilo. The popular American apple, for example, was available in retail for QR6.5 a kilo, orange for QR3 a kilo and banana from the Philippines for QR6 a kilo.

The Philippines is the largest exporter of bananas to Qatar.

Fish supplies, their demand and hence their prices were also stable at the Central (fish) Market in the week under review, the Consumer Protection Department (CPD) of the Ministry said.

Citing highs and lows in the week, the CPD said Qatari Rabees (small) was sold in retail for QR51 a kilo, while the price of the most sought-after fish, Hamour, peaked at QR27.

Even King Fish, Balul and Safi (the bigger variety) at times commanded more prices in retail than Hamour — the rate for King Fish being QR34 a kilo, for Balul QR32 and for Safi QR30.

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