PostCy Data Center Limited Promotes Exclusive SIP Trunking & DID Solutions

July 27, 2015 3:13 pm


Increasing costs. Obstacles to streamlined efficiency. Decreasing client loyalty and retention. These are just a few of the many challenges global companies face in the perpetual race to secure supreme market dominance.

PostCy Data Center Limited believes that enhanced communication both internally and with clients is the key to strengthening any business and – as the company pride itself on supporting clients throughout their journey to the pinnacle of success – it has developed its exclusive PostCy SIP Trunking & DID Solutions to help businesses do just that.

PostCy’s international virtual phone numbers (DID), allow clients, partners and associates in other countries to call businesses at the price of a local call, rather than incurring augmented international rates. Though this cheaper and more attractive channel of communication, client relationships may be cultivated, prospective customers may reach out without restriction and international collaborations may be facilitated.

These numbers are offered from more than 40 countries throughout the world, thus allowing the company’s clients to realise even the most ambitious of global expansion strategies.

“Connect with us through your existing PBX, or indeed your mobile phone using a SIP trunk, and we can actually ensure you save up to 90% on traditional long-distance calls,” a PostCy statement expresses. Indeed, as PostCy SIP Trunking requires no additional hardware, deploys promptly and does not affect current infrastructure, cost savings may begin immediately.

“Savings of up to 90%. Enhanced efficiency. Supreme client and partner communication. These are just a few of the vast, unique benefits you will enjoy through the deployment of PostCy Data Center Limited solutions,” an official company statement affirms.

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