PHCC To Get 1300 more Employees

June 6, 2013 12:05 pm

PHCC To Get 1300 more Employees

DOHA 6th June 2013: Over 1,300 employees will join the Primary Health Care Corporation (PHCC) team in the years to come with the National Primary Health Care Strategy 2013-2018 coming into force.

PHCC has 19 doctors per 100,000 population which is less that half it its target of 40 doctors for the same population segment. By 2022, primary health care will need 818 more doctors and 1,641 nurses. And  43 percent of the PHCC doctors are aged over 50 years and will be retiring soon, according to the strategy document.

New and existing doctors have been asked to take into account patients’ views and gradually increase consultation time up to 12 minutes.

Different working groups that designed the strategy have outlined changes to be implemented by each field of work. On this basis, new staff roles in the health promotion area will include community outreach workers to raise awareness and support change in public behaviour, and more nutritionists to support people in healthy diets.

Radiographers to carry out mammographies for screening, and new staff to support NCD care including specialist nurses are also needed. There will also need to be allied health professionals such as podiatrists and physiotherapists.

Regarding home care, PHCC plans on creating a multidisciplinary team comprising physician, home care nurse, social worker, dietitian and pharmacist.

In addition, physiologists to deliver cognitive behavioural therapy and social workers with experience in mental health are to be recruited as well. Health centres will also hire midwives and maternity care workers to staff antenatal and postnatal clinics, while the number of school nurses is also to grow.

Yousra Hammad Bagadi, Health Promotion Manager at PHCC said that the strategy “will change the way care is provided in Qatar by focusing on prevention. Being a client centered organization, it will help employees to design implementation plans in the best possible way”.

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