About Us

Qatar Chronicle is an upcoming news portal which caters to the needs of everyone in Qatar. We aim to usher in a breath of fresh air to the news scene in Qatar through extensive and incisive reporting. We do our best to ensure that we bring you the latest and the most accurate news stories through our web portal. Our experienced and dedicated team of journalists, reporters and editors work round the clock to put across the best and the latest news stories directly to your desktop and mobile.

Our forte, at Qatar Chronicle, is to raise the bar of news reporting through our passionate  team. We aim to cover news stories through the length and breadth of Qatar. Our incisive reports and in-depth articles, opinions and editorials are delivered with a candid perspective which is on the same lines of our goal of raising the standards of journalism.

Our main contributors are:

Tamim Maha Ali

Tamim Maha Ali is the Chief Editor of Qatar Chronicle. A shrewd strategist, he is an Economic Pundit, entrepreneur and Investment Banker

Aani Fatimah Khathon

Aani Fatimah Khatoon is the Executive editor of Qatar Chronicle. She pens articles on issues of public interest and happenings across the world
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Muhammed Tahim

Muhammad Tahim is the Sports Editor for Qatar Chronicle. A die-hard football fan and amateur tennis player, he roots for Manchester United, Barcelona, Paris St. Germain and Novak Djokovic.
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Bila Safar

Bila Safar is a graduate of the Missouri School of Journalism. . In addition to occasionally putting pen to paper to express her opinion through our editorials, Bila is QC’s Creative Designer.
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Kalim Ansari

Kalim Ansari is a Working Partner and Contributor to Qatar Chronicle. With over a decade’s experience in journalism, Kalim has reported for a number of major international publications from Gaza, Jerusalem, Beirut and Cairo.

Ahmad Diyari Kaashif

Ahmad Diyari Kaashif is a Senior Journalist and Head of the International Bureau at Qatar Chronicle