Egypt arrests another journalist, Former Al Jazeera staff Abdel Rahman Shaheen behind bars

April 9, 2014 8:11 pm

Al Sissy


Cairo, 9th April 2014: Egypt’s State News Agency has reported that authorities in the Suez Canal area have arrested Abdel Rahman Shaheen, a former Al Jazeera reporter for ‘inciting violence’.

Abdel Rahman Shaheen worked for a popular national publication and television station in Egypt and his arrest marks yet another incident when Egyptian authorities have cracked down on media freedom in the country.

The exact motivation for the arrest is unknown, however sources within the Egyptian capital say that the media agency Shaheen worked for at the time of his arrest used to air and publish news in support of Egypt’s democratically elected leader President Mohammed Morsi and the Muslim Brotherhood. 

Self-proclaimed leader Abdel Fattah al Sissy and Co. had overthrown the democratically elected government of the people and declared the Muslim Brotherhood as a terrorist organization, an excuse which has been used numerous times to attack and arrest supporters of the party. 

 Egypt still unjustly detains Australian Correspondent Peter Greste, Canadian Acting Bureau Chief Mohammad Fahmy and two other staff of Al Jazeera as part of its continuing campaign against the free press in the nation. 


The article has spelt the Egyptian Field Marshall’s name as Al – ‘Sissy’. While it has been pointed out to us that the Field Marshall’s name is spelt ‘Sisi’, the Arabic pronunciation could also be spelt as ‘Sissy’.  Any inference drawn connecting the Military Leader’s name to the Dictionary reference for the word ‘Sissy’ is completely coincidental and regretted.

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