Central African Republic president Michel Djotodia resigns

January 11, 2014 12:11 pm

Central African Republic president Michel Djotodia resigns

Bangui 11th January 2014: Michel Djotodia, the president of Central African Republic (CAR) has resigned yesterday under local and international pressure.

“I want things to improve, and quickly, so that I can leave. I do not want to stay in power — I am going to leave,” he said.

“You get to sleep — but we never sleep. Why hold on to something that stops you from sleeping. Sometimes you can’t even think of your wife!”

The resignations of President Michel Djotodia and Prime Minister Nicolas Tiangaye came after CAR’s transitional assembly (CNT) was summoned to the Chad summit on Thursday.

Djotodia came to power as the first Muslim leader of the predominantly Christian nation in a military coup in March 2013.

The CAR state has virtually collapsed during his rule, which lead to widespread and deadly sectarian violence between Muslim and Christian militias.

Thousands of people were killed. Hundreds of thousands have been displaced.

Thousands of residents took to the streets on Friday and Saturday, dancing, singing and honking horns to celebrate the resignation.

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